Friday, September 12, 2008

3 Sites for transferring big video files


By Jon Miles, Lagniappe Television

Part of building a web empire is paying for it. Part of paying for it is making money and being efficient. A critical thing to get good at is moving info and files around.

FTP confused me for years. I know it's 'file transfer protocol' versus "hyper-text transfer protocol." I understand that it's a great way to avoid a web browser while transferring big files, but I never was geeky enough to set up my own server.

Don't get me wrong, I use FTP all day. At one of my clients, I get stories from all over the world, pull them down, and encode them onto the server and they get broadcast. From a Final Cut Laptop to 140 million people. Pretty cool actually, getting a file in HD and seeing it on the air 30 minutes later.

But instead of setting up a server, or paying for an expensive traditional FTP service, we have opted for web based file transfer services.

Here are three:

YOU SEND IT is my favorite. It's a great service that my wife and I use all the time. It's free for the one file upload option. They have a client for PC and Mac you can sign up for HERE.

My wife records her readings to an Olympus Digital Recorder, and sends them to her clients from her Powerbook. I send video files to clients the same way. When I need to send multiple files, I just make an archive of them right in the finder like this:


Transfer big files claim to fame is files sizes up to 1 gigabyte. This works for most people and would work for me for 90% of my applications. If I had found this service before I might as well be using this one.


Another option is They are a totally paid service, but the basic plan is pretty cheap. While the functionality looks strong, I'm loath to sign up for any subscription or monthly costs unless I know I'm going to use it alot.

So it's clear that there are lots of easy ways to move your data around basically for free.

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