Friday, June 13, 2008

Amazon Fun

I've been exploring all the fun you can have with As a content provider the business model for just doing programming for cable television, unless you have some pretty amazing scale, is pretty dismal. As a result, we have been building out our webstore, developing products and generally figuring out how to sell direct to the consumers.

Lord knows there are plenty of services out there to help with this. That is part of the problem. Figuring out which alchemy of products, websites, widgets and so forth is pretty astonishing.

As an aside, I'm getting back into my photography and have built my kit around my Nikon D70. It's a nice digital camera, but I'm already interested in the next level Nikon D300, but the chase for gear is always relentless.

My poor wife.

Anyway the point of my sharing this just me experimenting with the amazon contextual linking system for products. If you want, please click on the link and then go buy whatever you'd normally buy on amazon.

I might make 2 dollars.

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